sexta-feira, 20 de maio de 2011

I hate rules.

Fun fact boys: the things on my blog aren't in spanish, in french or in someshit. They are portuguese, for more info read the second post. Today i'm gonna talk about MY(i'm a little possesive) posting rules. From now on, i will post following those rules.
First rule:Do not talk about Fight Club.
First rule: i'm gonna post at least 2 times a week (posters gonna post).
Second rule: the topic of the post will be different diferent.
Third rule: double f's are for fags.
Fourth rule: i dont like rules.
Rule 42: that's the answer (what a fucked up word) to life, the universe and everything.
Rule 101: that's a nice number, i like it.
Rule 151: I like pokemon.
Rule 9002: That's the last rule.
Rule 9003: I like to lie.

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